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Introducing our Premium Library

A Novel Connection is in the early stages of creating a “Premium library.”
As you know, we offer our library of books for free to readers in exchange for honest reviews.
We will be adding an upgraded option to unlock our premium library.
Our premium library will consist of authors who write for ANC.
The model will be somewhat similar to the leading online bookstore, with some important differences.
Not any author can have their books in A Novel Connection’s premium library. You have to go through a submission process much like you would with a publisher or literary agent. This will help to provide our readers with quality, rather than quantity, for one. Secondly, this will help our authors be paid in a fair way.

Authors will not be paid based off the amount of downloads they have, rather they will be paid based off the amount of books they have in the library. The amount of books you have available in the library will put you in a specific tier, which will dictate how much of a percentage of profits you will make.
ANC will take a certain portion of all profits made from the subscriptions and the authors will split the rest. There has not been an exact percentage decided as of now.
Because of the liberal nature of the way the payment for authors is structured, we will require that each author maintain a certain amount of downloads every month. This is an attempt at making it more fair, and to give our authors more incentive to promote their books and the library. For example, We could have one author who is getting a lot of downloads due to popularity and their tenacious effort towards promoting. We would pay that author X amount. Let’s say, there is another author who is not putting in effort to promote their books and the library who also is getting paid X amount. We feel this scenario is not fair, so putting the download requirement in place will be necessary (We’re welcome to taking any feedback you may have about other solutions for this scenario).

Authors will sign contracts with A Novel Connection whose terms and conditions may vary slightly from author to author. 

ANC will officially be taking submissions for this sometime in the Fall.
When you submit to us, you will provide a 5,000 word example of one of your books, plus other information as well.
From those submissions, we will we narrow it down to a certain amount of authors whose books we will ask to review in it’s entirety. 

Yes! A Novel Connection will give readers the option of purchasing the book as a stand-a-lone or reading it free through our Premium Library.
The only books that will be sold individually through our site will be books written by the ANC authors.

You will also be able to sell your books on whatever other platforms you would like.

If you would like to keep up to date with this, then we recommend subscribing to our mailing list, which is specifically for keeping writers in the know. 

To submit your book to our current library, then click here