By submitting to A Novel Connection, you agree to the following terms:

  1. Your book will be uploaded at the time in which we specify in your acceptance email (Usually, the 1st of the following month) and will be available to readers and reviewers. When your book is accepted to be live on A Novel Connection you will be alerted via e-mail with the start date.
  2. You are loaning your book to A Novel Connection for at least 60-days, starting from the day your book is live. We will keep your book on the site longer than 60 days, but you may request to have your book removed at the 60-day mark.
  3. You are not giving us exclusive rights. The selling and distribution of your book through other platforms is accepted. This means that you may use ANC alongside other platforms as resources. If you are using another platform, it is your responsibility to make sure that you’re abiding by their terms and agreements as well.
  4. Any reader can download your book at any time while your book is live on ANC. There is no limit to the amount of downloads per book.
  5. ANC does not tolerate plagiarism.

If the work that you submit is plagiarized, then you will be immediately removed from A Novel Connection and legal action may be taken from either the victim of the plagiarized work or from ANC . On the other hand, if someone plagiarized your work and you have reasonable evidence to believe it is directly from ANC’s distribution, then ANC is ready to stand by that author in taking whatever legal action is necessary.

  1. You give A Novel Connection permission to email you with the email address provided at the time of submission regarding information about your contract, book, etc.
  2. You give A Novel Connection permission to use the cover of your book, the title, and one-liner of your novel for advertising.  
  3. ANC does not promise any amount of reviews. We do promise to distribute your book to our group of subscribed readers/reviewers.