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You submit your book & we distribute it to our subscribed readers for free in exchange for honest reviews.

How It Works

Writers, you will submit your book to  A Novel Connection and if your book is accepted by ANC,  you will receive an e-mail with your ANC release date. 
On the day your book goes live on ANC it will be displayed in our library, which our readers have access to. Your book is also directly distributed via e-mail to all readers who opted in to your book’s genre. 
Reader’s reviews will be required to be posted on Amazon.

Extra Perks

 The best kick start into building a career as an author is by getting your book into reader’s hands. ANC Readers will have access to all of the books in ANC for free. Getting views and downloads will not be a problem because there aren’t millions of books to chose from (which means hundreds of thousands of authors to compete with).
Author’s links to their websites will also be available to the reader so they can find out more about the author or to keep up-to-date on your social media sites!
A Novel Connection has a mission to #SupportIndieAuthors. What this means is we will never sell out. Our platform is going to continue growing and it will always be reserved for indie authors!

A Novel Connection promotes all of our books in the library!
The most that your book will be promoted will be in the first two weeks that your book is in the library; additionally, if your book lands in our “Hot & Trending” category, then this is a case where your book will receive more promoting. 
Currently, we have a partnership with GoIndieNow! Every month, GoIndieNow promotes our new releases on their YouTube channel. 
Other than our website, we also promote our books on our Facebook page, various groups, during takeovers, and special events that we put on.

How To Submit

A Novel Connection is dedicated to catering to readers, therefore we only accept ready-to-publish books.
What this means is that we recommend that the book you submit is completed, appears to be professionally edited , is properly formatted, and has a nice looking cover in order to pass the review.
You will hear back from us within three weeks at the most regarding whether your submission was accepted or not. 
​By submitting your book to A Novel Connection, you agree to our Terms and Conditions. (Click button below to view contract) 

The astric (*) signifies required information.
Any submission which does not include all required information will not be considered.
Please make sure each response is labeled. 
All submissions should be e-mailed to 

Please include the following information in the body of your e-mail or in the form of a document:
*Pen Name
*Title of Book
*Book One-Liner (50 characters or less)

  -This should be one line that draws readers into your book. 
  -Examples: “Camp Pleasant was anything but pleasant.” “One girl. Two worlds. A journey that will change her life.” “He thought he left everything behind-until his past came back to haunt him.”
*Book Description/Blurb/Back-Cover Text
Unlike the synopsis, this description should not give away any twists, nor should it give away the conclusion of the story. 
*What platform is your book published on? 
Amazon, Smashwords, etc. If this is a pre-published book, please clarify. 
Social media links
Website/Other links

While links are not required, we highly suggest providing ANC with links to various places where people can find you. This will help you get the most out of A Novel Connection’s platform. 
*E-mail Address

Please include the following information as attached files in the e-mail:
*Files needed…
     Mobi or Epub only please.
     We recommend sending both file types if you have have them

   *Book Cover