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​Hi there, I’m Graphic Designer Jessica Tahbonemah. I’ve been working in the Indie industry for around three years, and have gained so much knowledge from pushing myself to do better everyday. With such a fast-paced industry, it can be hard to keep up. My knowledge of graphics came from a short term college experience that blossomed into a working career with perseverance and intuitiveness. I’ve always been an artist, loving to draw and paint was one thing that fueled my drive to attend The Art Institute of Dallas after graduating High School.

Since joining the indie community, my experiences have helped me earn the know-how I needed to gain an edge in an otherwise saturated online community. I’ve learned to create everything from high quality book covers, to animated video ads for thriving writers and their work. As the community grows, so does it’s marketing ploys and ideas, so I’ve learned to be versatile and soak in all that I can. Having an original idea isn’t easy, but keeps me on my toes to ensure that I’m always up to date with the latest trends for book teasers and graphics. I have over 11 years experience with Photoshop, among many other programs used for affordable, yet highly sought after graphics. I’m happy to be joining A Novel Connection and look forward to working with as many new clients as I can. My main goal, is to help as many hard working indie authors as possible to achieve their long awaited dreams.