Bali by C.L. Knopf

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cover - Bali by C.L. Knopf

“The thought of her leaving in just a few days is weighing on me, I need to come up with a plan before this woman walks out of my life and we just become acquaintances.” Romance ​Contemporary Bikinis…check. Plane ticket to Bali…check. Passport…check. Meeting a gorgeous man that makes you lose all self-control? After a […]

Unfold You by C.L. Knopf

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cover 1 - Unfold You by C.L. Knopf

“He holds me tight and I feel his breath on the back of my neck. Pulling away and taking one last look at him, I recognize that glare he is giving me.” Romance Contemporary Have you ever wanted something so bad but it was just out of reach? Ben Parker left his life and everyone […]