Ghosts and Shadows by H. Max Hiller

Ghosts and Shadows cover - Ghosts and Shadows by H. Max Hiller

“Sometimes the war follows you home.”

2017 Book Excellence Awards Finalist. The oath Detective “Cadillac” Holland swore to defend his home against foriegn and domestic enemies is put to the test when evil men from both sides of the border start a war on the eve of Mardi Gras, an election, and the first Super Bowl in Saints’ history. When Detective Holland’s friends and family are also put at risk, he is forced to find a way to keep the peace between local heroin dealers and a violent Mexican drug cartel, outsmart a shadowy defense contractor who has resurrected the intelligence operation that nearly got Holland killed in Iraq, and take on a high-ranking Federal official willing to turn the streets of New Orleans into a bloodbath to cover the tracks of a deal he made with the Devil.

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