Deep Betrayal by Raven Mera

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form uploads2F73606442F5deb2096 d25e 4939 a6a5 e832dcadb1002F1 JaneandTheCircusSon - Deep Betrayal by Raven Mera

“When the Circus comes to town, Sparks will fly.” Young Adult Romance ​Jane is a medicine student with a will to succeed. Focused and confident, she strives to achieve her best potential. When Ethan, the man with a will enough to command tigers arrives in her town, her focus is suddenly split. Who will she […]

Melissa’s Men by Rebekah Jonesy

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form uploads2F73606442F51d85da9 2cfd 45e6 b9a8 7b877870c79c2F1 MelissasMen2 - Melissa's Men by Rebekah Jonesy

“1 wild woman…5 willing men.” Erotica ​Melissa has always had a large appetite. More than one man can satisfy on his own. So she has never been able to stick with just one man. But when she runs into an old boyfriend and explains the reason she keeps leaving he’s willing, and eager, to help […]

Bali by C.L. Knopf

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cover - Bali by C.L. Knopf

“The thought of her leaving in just a few days is weighing on me, I need to come up with a plan before this woman walks out of my life and we just become acquaintances.” Romance ​Contemporary Bikinis…check. Plane ticket to Bali…check. Passport…check. Meeting a gorgeous man that makes you lose all self-control? After a […]

Unfold You by C.L. Knopf

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cover 1 - Unfold You by C.L. Knopf

“He holds me tight and I feel his breath on the back of my neck. Pulling away and taking one last look at him, I recognize that glare he is giving me.” Romance Contemporary Have you ever wanted something so bad but it was just out of reach? Ben Parker left his life and everyone […]

Deadly Secrets by Lana Campbell

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20604235 1906708909583347 6528318446970481549 n - Deadly Secrets by Lana Campbell

Paranormal Romance Chelsie Peebles – an OB/GYN for vampires – is dying from stage four glioblastoma, and there is only one cure. She must turn into a vampire herself. Keeping the devastating news from her vampire family, she researches her options for survival. But the realization is, that she is going to die. In her […]

Brothers of Fang: The New Alpha by Iris Sweetwater

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BrothersofFang - Brothers of Fang: The New Alpha by Iris Sweetwater

“Three werewolf brothers will face war, betrayal, and heartbreak.” ​Paranormal Romance Three brothers living in the Pacific Northwest share a family secret-they are werewolves. Isaiah is the new alpha after his father dies, and he inherits an uneasy treaty with a local witch coven as well as an opinionated pack. This man with a good […]