Broken by Roni Askey-Doran

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BROKEN - Broken by Roni Askey-Doran

“A journey inside the mind of someone planning their suicide.” Fiction Women’s Fiction Contemporary Fiction Suspense Drama ​Mystery Today is Emily Zylaz’s birthday. This is the day that she has chosen to kill herself. After struggling for many years to cope with the roller-coaster of mental illness, a devastating failed marriage, and a soul-destroying career that […]

Dark Musings by David Boiani

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Dark Musings Cover4 426x640 1 - Dark Musings by David Boiani

Horror Suspense Short Stories ​These stories are unconnected, but they all include a similar trait: Fear. They are all based on aspects of life that are haunting yet very real. Experiencing these stories will induce a terror that will stay with you long after the final page is turned… Visit Author Website  

The Rain: The Government Rain Mysteries by L.A. Frederick

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The RainEBOOK - The Rain: The Government Rain Mysteries by L.A. Frederick

​Science-Fiction Urban ​Mystery Horror New Hampton is bloodthirsty. The streets are a cesspool. Greed and corporate necessity rule the overcrowded city. A mysterious doctor, his young protégé and a monstrous enforcer are playing gods, their wanton destruction going unchecked. The city’s Mayor seeks vengeance and believes the doctor’s work is the key to achieving redemption. […]