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A Novel Connection: Author Services

You're an author. Do what you do best, and let A Novel Connection handle the rest!


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A Novel Connection has expanded our platform to begin publishing books.

ANC has partnered up with Creative Edge Publicity creating a dynamic duo that will dominate the book world.

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Cassandra Penticoff and A Novel Connection were outstanding in building my website. They were patient and attentive with me throughout the entire process,  and their ideas in terms of Web Design were so innovative from page design, photo placement, and just a full understanding of how to properly present and market my business.  I highly recommend their services and would never even have a reason to look elsewhere based on their overall professionalism and my website experience. 

Mickey Mikkelson

Owner of Creative Edge Publicity

I’ve been blessed to have stumbled upon A Novel Connection’s editing service. This is due to two enchanting reasons: One, because of the superb editing skills that was offered to me by this site. And two, was because I had the luxury of having my work edited by the illustrious, altruistic Rebekah Dodson. More so than just a meticulous editor, Rebekah has made the experience much more engrossing due to her warm-hearted nature and down-to-earth charisma. She has destroyed any pre-conceived notions I once had about editors, and I can’t wait to work with her again. Thanks ANC!! Highly Recommended!

Durrel Arrington

Fiction Author

“I was skeptical that a proofread could be both thorough and as fast as A Novel Connection advertised. Boy, was I wrong! Rebekah went above and beyond. She was a joy to work with—very professional and friendly on top of it. This service saved me from a nasty stint in Amazon’s preorder purgatory!”

R.A. Steffan


Working with ANC’s graphics designer was enjoyable, fun and effortless. She has the insight to quickly grasp concepts and turn out exceptional visuals that brought my vision to life. She is a truly gifted ‘graphic designer.’ I can’t say enough about the quality, speed, attention to detail and effectiveness of her work.

Carol Gilby

Fantasy Author

So many thanks to Cassandra Penticoff and A Novel Connection for what they did on my website. She implemented everything I asked for and it is exactly how I wanted it. I love it! Now it’s up and running! Eeeeek!
Definitely going to be working them on all my website/graphic design needs. 

Negeen Papehn

Romance Author
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Stand out in the crowd with stunning
graphics that grab the reader's attention

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Enrique Jardiel Poncela said, “When something can be read without effort, great effort has gone into its writing.” Part of creating an effortless read is being sure that it is free from errors.
Hire A Novel Connection for your next masterpiece! 


At ANC, we offer proofreading, copy editing, and developmental editing.

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Nothing is more eye-catching than video advertisements! 

Whether you want to bring your cover to life, a trailer for your books, or an ad for your business…A Novel Connection has you covered!

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Every author and business needs a website! It’s a landing strip for all your work, updates, and any information you want your readers to know.
When it comes to a website, many people have no idea where to start…look no further! 

Check out some of the websites designed by A Novel Connection:

A Novel Connection
C. Penticoff
Creative Edge
Lasasha Flame
Negeen Papehn
Jenna Greene

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